Monday, May 20, 2013

Khaleesi, Game of Thrones

HBO's, Game of Thrones is probably every costume designers' fantasy come to the television screen. A phenomenal show, and a phenomenal wardrobe to say the least. The costume decision, made by Michelle Clapton, is one of the most creative minds in Sci-Fi history (in my personal opinion). A mix somewhere between old world Medieval times and a Star Wars resemblance, the garments are out of this world...literally. Even designers such as Helmut Lang have used the show as a form of inspiration; for example, in his fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection.

Everyone has their favorite character in the show that they're routing for to claim the throne, which is one of the great things about the concept of Game of Thrones. Personally, I can't get enough of the "imp" Tyrion Lannister and Khaleesi, which is who I would like to talk about wardrobe wise for today's post. Although I love the men of the North's garments all covered in thick furs and animal hides and the Lannister family richly embroidered attire, Khaleesi's outfits are always what I look forward to in every episode.

Khaleesi's wardrobe this current season is all about the ethereal greek-goddess look. Most of the female leads on the show are covered in thick embroidered floor-length gowns in long trumpet sleeves showing very little skin. Khaleesi on the other hand, wears draped, flowy, sheer gowns with chunky necklaces or bracelets that rest halfway up her arms, often in gold or leather. After all, she is the mother of dragons. In the previous season when Khaleesi is married to Targaryen leader, Khal Drogo, her wardrobe consisted of the traditional Targaryen attire. She wore torn hides and leather in various shades of earth and sand covering only what needed to be covered on her body. A drastic change in her costume choice is noticeable once she leaves the tribe after the death of Drogo and becomes the mother of dragons.

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